The Best Time to Book Your Maternity Session

This is a continuation of last month’s blog post. If you haven’t read The Best Time to Book Your Boudoir Session, head there next! All of the same timelines apply with one major addition.

If you have wondered, “When should I have my maternity photos” then I have your answer. The best time to schedule your maternity session is approximately 33 weeks. I have had sessions with women ranging from 28-35 weeks and have found that 33 weeks is the sweet spot for scheduling.

Your bump is perfect for photos, but you still have some energy and stamina to get through the photo shoot. The closer you get to your due date, the more likely you are to have something come up that postpones the shoot or cancels it completely! This is definitely not something that you want to put off scheduling until the last minute.

As soon as you know that you are pregnant and would like maternity portraits, get out that calendar and see when you will be at 33 weeks (give or take 1-2 weeks) and call to book your shoot!

woman in gold 33 weeks pregnant

Stephanie Toland

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