New Headshots!

stunning studio portrait of woman in denim jacket with hands clasped and hair glowing from the sun

Megan came in looking for a "headshot, but more" kind of session. I get that request a lot and luckily, it's my favorite kind of headshot session to do! 

Filled with personality and customized just for you - it's part personal branding, part headshot, and part targeting your inner model for an unforgettable photoshoot experience! Visit my Headshots page to read more about how we can collaborate on a photoshoot to capture one-of-a-kind images for your portfolio.

Stephanie Toland is a Chicago Headshot Photographer. She offers Personal Branding Photography, Business Headshots, Actor's Headshots, Dancer Headshots, Corporate Headshots and Classic Beauty Portraits at her Chicago Portrait Studio.

Stephanie Toland

Hi! I'm Stephie and I'm always on the move. Can you keep up?