Chicago Pin Up Photoshoot | A retro inspired boudoir photo shoot.

A couple of months ago I picked up a book on pin up photography and fell in love. I have always been careful not to dip too much into themed photography as it isn’t my style, but this book was filled with simple setups and gorgeous posing. It didn’t feature the themed costuming I normally associate with pin up photography and it sparked my imagination!

An idea started to form and I knew that I wanted to go for a classy, modernized, slightly painterly, pin up inspired boudoir photoshoot! I waited for the perfect subject and planned everything out. Then Kelly was on the schedule - a tall dancer with red hair and retro vibes - the stars aligned!

I am so pleased with the images that I captured. My best work always starts with a vision. When I know what I am trying to achieve, I can practice the lighting and the posing ahead of time and I am more clear on styling and direction. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see a vision through.

If you are looking for modern pinup photography in chicago, I have you covered!

Stephanie Toland

Hi! I'm Stephie and I'm always on the move. Can you keep up?