Are you nervous about your boudoir session?

I know that we have become accustomed to a life full of conveniences. We can order our groceries online and have pretty much anything delivered to our doorstep. But shopping for this experience is different.

A boudoir photo shoot is intimate and personal so it’s normal to be apprehensive! That’s why I encourage anyone who is considering this experience to schedule a time to stop by the studio to meet me in person. See the products, take a peak at the studio space and ease your mind.

If you can’t make it out in person, then set up a phone call. I know that everyone dreads the phone, but hearing someones voice can help put you at ease. This isn’t an experience that can be bought and delivered with the click of a button, but I promise that the extra effort is worth it 🖤

lifestyle portrait of young woman with long blonde hair and black and white cardigan sweater

Stephanie Toland

Hi! I'm Stephie and I'm always on the move. Can you keep up?