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Are you nervous about your boudoir session?

Are you nervous about your boudoir session?

A boudoir photo shoot is intimate and personal so it’s normal to be apprehensive! That’s why I encourage anyone who is considering this experience to schedule a time to stop by the studio to meet me in person. See the products, take a peak at the studio space and ease your mind.

Celebrating Sixty With a Portrait Session

Sixty year old woman with hazel eyes and honey blonde hair smiling against a black backdrop

Today I am wishing my mom a HUGE Happy Birthday as she celebrates sixty! The portraits I took for her in April of this year are the only portraits I have of her and with every year that passes, they will become more important to me. 

I get asked from time to time what someone would possibly do with portraits of themselves but a portrait is so much more than just a photo. The session itself is an empowering experience. Being seen requires vulnerability and collaboration. The portraits you receive in print are a legacy for yourself and for your family. They tell a story of this one moment in your life. No one I know has ever wished for fewer photos of their loved ones.

When was the last time you had your professional portrait taken? 

New Headshots!

New Headshots!

Filled with personality and customized just for you - it's part personal branding, part headshot, and part targeting your inner model for an unforgettable photoshoot experience!

Dance Portraits

ethereal dancer wrapped in tulle with arms clasped above heart

I met Kalina years ago in college. We danced together briefly, then I graduated and moved away from our hometown. Several years later, she ended up in Chicago like me and we reconnected. She is a kindred spirit, a beautiful dancer, and a wonderful friend.

I knew that she was the kind of person who would be willing to get creative with me in the studio. 

One of my favorite things about getting people in front of my camera is noticing all of the special details that make them unique. When you eliminate the distractions of our everyday surroundings, you notice just how blue someone's eyes are or the way their hair catches the light. You notice things that you never noticed before.

We interact with people every day, but we don’t often see them. 

I knew that I wanted to bring out all of Kalina's beautiful golden features so I asked her to bring all of the warm neutrals that she had. My favorite item she brought was this long piece of gold tulle. I wrapped her up and then we just started to play. 

We moved through poses and I had her improvise. Together, we made some beautiful dance style portraits and I can’t wait to get her in front of my camera again!

Stephanie Toland Photography is a full service Chicago Portrait Photography Studio specializing in women's portraiture. She offers maternity sessions, boudoir sessions, beauty portraits, and creative dance photoshoots.

Chicago Portrait Studio Opening

My full service Ravenswood photography studio is now open! I am beyond thrilled to be working out of a dedicated space.