The Best Way to Back Up Your Photos

The Best Way to Back Up Your Photos

Guess how often I receive the following email:

“Stephanie! HELP!! My computer has crashed. I’m absolutely devastated and hoping that you still have the files from my session.”

The answer is….a LOT. And I’m sympathetic! It has happened to all of us. Our memories are captured and then lost on neglected hard drives. We tell ourselves that we will get around to printing those photos or backing up our computers and then life gets in the way like it always does.

Internationally Published - Feature in Wingspan Magazine

January 2018 issue of Wingspan Magazine

A little over a year ago I worked on a project for a Japanese inflight magazine. The story was published in January, but I just got my hands on a hard copy! I can now officially call myself an internationally published photographer!

The story focused on Chicago Style Magic and I provided images of our beautiful city and some of the talented performers in the magic scene. This was a big change from my standard portrait projects, but it was a blast to run around the city as a travel photographer.